Texas Fringe

Im absolutely in love with all things southern!

loaded jewelry outfit

This outfit is so busy..AND SHE ROCKS IT!! I love the combination of all of the jewelry. She has a plain white tee, and some neutral shoes to even things out. Her distressed jeans are working perfect for this casual look.

desert outfit

Many southern outfits are mainly oversized busy pullovers. I love the Arizona vibes i get from this pullover.

floral white shirt.jpg

Dress it up a little with a oversized floral shirt, or dress it back down with some distressed jeans.

striped pullover outfit.png

Another oversized pullover that we LOVE! I love all of the tribal vibes that I get from these stripes. Tracing it back to our ancestors!

cow purse.png

An awesome accessory for any farm girl, is this heifer transformed bag!

Below is a link to a website that has many outfits just like these! Enjoy!

Click here for Savannah Sevens!



Let’s get real, jewelry is the secret weapon that can pull any outfit together.

low shirt w choker

When you’re wearing a lower cut shirt, and necklace can take the attention off of a bare chest.

statement necklace

A statement necklace can make a plain, boring outfit POP! Try coordinating colors to catch eyes!

choker casual.jpg

A more casual outfit pairs great with a simple choker necklace!

My favorite choker necklace has a single pearl in the middle of a leather cord. You can find these on the link below for just $6.98!

click here for Pearl Choker



Hats are an easy way to hide a bad hair day. Hats can be worn many different ways, with many different hair styles. braid ht

You can wear a hat with a low ponytail or a braid with some pieces pulled out by your face. This makes it appear that your hair is still down.

messy hair hat

You can throw a hat on top of some messy hair. We’ve all had those times where we’ve gone a couple days without a wash and dry shampoo just isn’t cutting it anymore. This will hide those greasy roots and let your loose waves shine!

pony hat

Want a more casual sporty look? Throw your hair in a mid pony and pull it through the eyelet. (Now you know what a hat hole is called 😉 )

bun hat

These new hats are my absolute favorites. Messy buns are my go to on bad hair days, along with hats..and now you can have both!! These hats are equipped with pull through holes higher up so your hair can still sit on top of your head. (I always feel like ponytails make me look bald)

Lizzie McGuire you are an outfit repeater!

Everyone has heard the true phrase, “history repeats itself”. We learn that this is true in history class, but most importantly… FASHION!!


  • I LOVE the trend that is coming back around…JUMPSUITS!
  • We’ve seen a trend like this in the past..rompers. But until recently the full legged one pieces have remained in the 60s right where we left them.
  • Striped jumpsuits are my favorite and are super cute in ALL of the seasons!

Image result for striped jumpsuits

60s fashion



80s fashion

**Always remember that it is better to be an outfit repeater than an outfit rememberer 😉

Image result for Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it


Casual is my go-to look. The combination of cute and comfy just cannot be beat! Here are my 2 favorite casual looks!


  • Flannels go great on top of graphic tees!
  • Show your support to a foundation or organization! Show off your favorite bands or brands!Image result for flannels and graphic tees outfit

Here is a cute look including a flannel and a graphic tee! You can often pair this duo with your choice of either leggings or jeans!

***Make sure that the main color of your shirt matches a minor color of your flannel!


  • Here we’re talking about lightweight hoodies.
  • These can be worn alone or with a cute, again lightweight vest.

Image result for lightweight hoodie and vest outfit

I absolutely LOVE these outfits! Both casual hoodies and puffy vests are so cozy. When I feel comfortable I still want to look cute, and when I look cute I still want to feel comfortable. These outfits execute both of those off of your checklist!

Black and Blue

Black and blue are the only 2 colors of clothing that my boyfriend owns. Therefore, he is always trying to pair them together and my OCD does not approve. There are different shades of blue, some ok to mix with black and some just repulsive.

Black and royal blue

  • A bright royal blue matches nicely with a dark, flat black.
  • Try a black necklace, bright blue top, and black pants..paired with black shoes.
  • Also try a top that includes both royal and black, maybe combined by stripes.

Black and navy

  • A dark navy is too close to black, therefore they clash.
  • VERY RARELY you can get away with this when an article of clothing has both black AND navy combined. Then choose the color that is in the combination the least, as your other matching clothing piece.

KEEP IN MIND that black and navy are both neutrals..so they are paired well with a bright cream or red!!

Image result for black and blue outfits


Image result for black and navy outfit


Image result for bad black and navy outfits



Denim on Denim – Dos & Dont’s

Denim on denim can be a cloudy field to work with. Here are a few simple tips:

  1. Make sure that an item on top and an item on bottom have 1 shade in common.
    1. This can mean your top denim piece is the color of your frayed denim.
    2. This can mean that the floral accents on your denim jacket match the shade of your colored denim jeans.
    1. A denim shirt under a denim jacket. This is double layering the denim on top and not recommended.
    2. Denim on top, denim on bottom, and denim shoes?? No, just no.
  3. And lastly, if your partner plans on wearing denim to an event, plan on sporting a wild animal print or bright flashy color. Lets not have a redo of the fabulous Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake at the 2001 American Music Awards, as seen in picture 3.

Image result for denim on denim


Image result for denim on denim


Image result for light denim on denim